Wells and More

Location London
Sectors Corporate
Companies involved AIS BMS

Q: What were the issues?

Swift mobilisation with rapid site backup, review and immediate remedial support were all required. AIS BMS needed to develop a clear picture of the new site as quickly as possible to assist our clients during their mobilisation phase and beyond. AIS Were required to provide a full suite of capabilities, PPM, Remedial works, 24/7 call out cover and remote assistance.

Q: What was the solution?

AIS BMS implemented our industry leading BMS Maintenance service, supported by our innovative AIS BMS Remote Secure platform. Together with 24/7 call out support, our team are perfectly placed to carry out PPM and remedial tasks, and via our superb AIS Remote Secure platform, we are able to respond in a heartbeat to call outs, round the clock.

During mobilisation, our team created an annual service schedule, detailing when our engineers will be on site, all booked onto our FSI Concept CAFM system.

Our technicians are planned into our schedule for the year ahead and tasks are issued, via our CAFM system, to their smart phones such that they always know which location and assets are to be serviced during each visit.

Our innovative AIS Mobilisation Reporting Pack is also being adopted by NG Bailey which will provide invaluable insight into the condition and performance of the BMS and to generate at longer term obsolescence mitigation strategy.

“… AIS BMS have delivered great service along with ideas and innovation over the years…”

Sarah Hotchen – NG Bailey

“I’m thrilled with that NG Bailey have shown their faith in AIS BMS with this contract ”

Mike Witchell – AIS BMS

“Deploying the full capabilities of AIS BMS on this contract for NG Bailey will deliver real benefits to our client.”

Mark Perkins- AIS BMS

Q: What about call out support?

Out of hours support is routed to the our call engineers via our 24/7 call centre to ensure rapid response.

Clients don’t have to call engineers directly themselves, we manage all that and make access to our emergency support easy and fast.
With our AIS BMS Remote Secure platform in place on this contract, we are able to offer remote engineering, diagnostic and remedial works 24/7.

This often eliminates the need for site attendance, reduces the disruption and downtime for our client and reduces their support costs.

Q: What about reporting?

Our service visits are backed up by first class reporting, rapidly delivering high quality, rich information to our clients, ensuring they are always informed as to what has been done, and what issues have been found. We aim to have all service reports to our clients within 24 hours of the end of the service visit.

Our engineering team are fully supported by a dedicated Administration Team based in our Slough offices. This outstanding team provides our first line of contact for our clients, and ensures all scheduling, call outs, reporting and remedial quotations are handled rapidly and accurately.

Senior staff at AIS BMS meet the client regularly to discuss contract progress, and any issues that need attention, we also look to drive innovation to help deliver greater value and fine tune our service delivery.

This has been a smooth and successful mobilisation covering a number of sites for NG Bailey, and we are thrilled to have been awarded this contract.

Wells and More in London is part of the Great Portland Estates Portfolio, located in the heart of Fitzrovia. NG Bailey provide FM Services to this superb modern building and they have awarded AIS BMS the BMS support contract.

“Our AIS BMS Remote Secure platform and innovative Mobilisation Reporting Pack are key delivery items for NG
Bailey for this contract”

Mike Witchell - AIS BMS

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