Location Evesham
Sectors Food supply and distribution

Our client needed to replace their ageing refrigeration plant in two of its four halls for the packing area. This is phase one of two for this site.
Walsh Mushrooms is one of the largest producers of mushrooms to the UK market.

The companys green ethos is oustanding from producing 30% of its energy from solar panels on its roof, to any waste products going back into the food chain via animal feed.

The area is in the region of 1296 cu meters, and with a holding temperature design of 4 degrees Celsius.

  • A2L system reduced GWP from 2729 to 239, A 91.2% reduction of GWP.
  • New equipment more energy efficient by a saving approx. 20%.
  • Phased installation resulting in no disruption to the operating of the processing plant during installation.
  • Completed within budget.
  • Leak detection system, future proofing the environment, and no loss of product


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