Leading University Chiller Replacements – Artic Building Services Delivers a Seamless Project 

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Artic Building Services, a trusted provider of sustainable building solutions, successfully undertook the chiller replacement project at a leading University. This case study showcases Artic’s expertise in delivering complex projects within challenging environments. The meticulous planning, extensive enabling works, and careful installation of the new chiller system demonstrate Artic’s commitment to delivering high-quality solutions while ensuring minimal disruption to university operations.

Project Overview:

In September 2022, Artic secured and commenced the planning phase for the chiller replacement project at a Leading University. The project involved replacing the existing 2 Carrier Chillers with modern, energy-efficient units. To ensure the smooth execution of the project, a series of enabling works were undertaken, including system redesign, structural surveys, and the provision of a temporary chiller to maintain uninterrupted cooling during the project duration.

Challenges and Solutions:

The project at the University presented several challenges that required innovative solutions from Artic Building Services:

  • Enabling Works: Extensive enabling works were carried out, such as redesigning the system to meet compliance standards and conducting structural surveys to ensure the roof’s capacity for the new chillers. Additionally, a temporary chiller was installed to provide continuous cooling throughout the project, minimising disruption.
  • Modification of Existing Services: Artic efficiently modified the existing services to accommodate the installation of the new chillers, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance.
  • Crane Operations: Careful planning and precise crane operations were executed to safely remove the old chillers from the roof and install the new units without any disruptions.

Execution and Completion:

On the 12th of February, Artic successfully completed the chiller replacement project. The redundant chillers were safely craned down from the roof, making way for the installation of the new units. Skilled technicians and engineers ensured a seamless transition, carefully positioning and commissioning the new chillers. Following comprehensive testing and commissioning, the new chillers are now fully operational and handed over to the University.

Outcomes and Benefits:

Artic Building Services’ successful completion of the chiller replacement project at the University has resulted in several positive outcomes:

  • Enhanced System Compliance: The new chiller system complies with all relevant regulations and standards, ensuring optimal performance and safety.
  • Improved Energy Efficiency: The installation of modern, energy-efficient chillers will lead to reduced energy consumption and long-term cost savings for Leading University.
  • Minimal Disruption: By providing a temporary chiller and effectively managing the project, Artic ensured uninterrupted cooling throughout the installation process, minimising disruption to the university and its end users.
  • Successful Handover: Artic delivered the project on time and within budget, meeting all project objectives. The reliable and efficient chiller system has been successfully handed over to the University.


Artic Building Services’ chiller replacement project at the University highlights their commitment to delivering seamless and sustainable solutions. The project’s completion on time and within budget, coupled with minimal disruption to university operations, showcases Artic’s capability to overcome challenges and deliver exceptional building services solutions.