Location Gloucestershire
Sectors Food supply and distribution

A2L Meat Processing Plant Project

SK Heating and Cooling Ltd are leading at the forefront of innovation in the refrigeration industry and pride themselves on working towards a sustainable, purpose driven, environmentally friendly future in the refrigeration industry. Their passion is to help clients achieve maximum efficiency, lower energy consumption, reduced emissions to help the world become cleaner and greener for future generations.

Our client needed to replace their ageing refrigeration plant for its main chilled storage area of fresh meat. The area was in the region of 315 cu meters, with a through put of 5000 Kg of meat per day, and with a holding temperature design of 1 degree Celsius.

The options for this were either:

  • Option 1: Conventional refrigeration that runs on an A1 Refrigerant with a higher GWP (Global Warming Potential) the normal available 1397GWP however opting for new equipment the running costs would be similar.
  • Option 2: A2L refrigeration system, with a significantly lower GWP (Global Warming Potential) at a lower 146GWP, with government super tax savings and energy efficient plant design provides cost savings on the electric consumption giving a greater combined effect overall towards a greener future and reduced environmental risk.